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Evaluation Forms

It is really important that we receive your feedback on each of the study days you attend as it helps us improve the programme for the following cohort. We review the feedback each year when we complete an annual review of the programme. Please click on the relevant link below to complete the evaluation form.
Many thanks
Sharon & Linda

Tuesday 14th August 2018 – Making the Most of Your Pre-registration Year.

Wednesday 5th September 2018 – Community Pharmacy Practice.

Wednesday 17th October 2018 – Calculations and Audit.

Wednesday 21st November 2018 – Clinical Pharmacy for General Practice/Getting a job in the NHS.

Wednesday 28th November 2018 – Clinical Practice.

Wednesday 9th January 2019 – Specialist Services.

Wednesday 6th February 2019 – Case Presentations.

Wednesday 1st May 2019 – Practice Pre-registration assessment.