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Learning through Practice (LtP) is the programme of work-based learning in which our MPharm students participate throughout their undergraduate course at Keele. We are committed to providing a range of experiences in as many sectors of the profession as possible with our affiliated LtP Providers so that our students can take advantage of the best opportunities available to contextualise their learning from all aspects of the course by putting learning achieved in the university into practice, as well as learning from practice by interacting with patients, carers and other health professionals.

The LtP Team

The LtP Team in the School of Pharmacy has been formed recently from our previous placements team. As would be expected from a leading, top 10 UK School of Pharmacy, the Keele LtP Team is dedicated to the development and provision of the best possible LtP programme for our students now and as we move forward towards an integrated 5-year MPharm course.

LtP Providers

LtP Providers are crucial to our plans for development and delivery of a high quality LtP programme. We are working towards integrating our LtP Providers with the LtP Team through formal agreements that will not only benefit our students but also pharmacists and other staff in the workplace who support our students and who will be their LtP Tutors and Mentors. We are looking to work closely with our LtP Providers to ensure that Keele’s LtP programme and processes for delivery not only meet the needs of students, the university and the GPhC, but also work for you in helping shape the pharmacist workforce for the future.

LtP Hub and the Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

The interface for the LtP Programme and LtP Team is located within the School of Pharmacy’s Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning. The Centre, originally established in 1994, has a national and international reputation for innovation and excellence in providing postgraduate programmes and CPD courses for pharmacists and prescribers, and pre-registration graduates. The Centre will host the new LtP Hub for the School that is being established in 2014. This will facilitate work-based learning and professional development that starts for undergraduate Pharmacy students in year 1 of the MPharm course and continues as they emerge as qualified pharmacists, with the possibilities of achieving Certificate, Diploma, Masters and Doctorate awards to support and enhance their chosen career pathways and the services provided by their employers.

Benefits of being a Keele LtP Provider

As a Keele LtP Provider, you will gain benefits from being closely involved with the LtP Hub and the Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning. You will be able to help shape Pharmacy education and training and, as key stakeholders, develop the pharmacists of the future. You will have access to our established and acclaimed ‘Teach the Teachers’ course for LtP Tutors and Mentors and other courses from our postgraduate CPD Plus+ and CPD Plus+ Open Learn suite. Your services and business could benefit from small work-based projects and audits that the students conduct for you as part of their LtP activities. In general, we aim to make our LtP Programme a 2-way association between the School of Pharmacy and LtP Providers, to help you develop your staff and your business, as well as you helping to develop Keele students to become highly competent practitioners.